After my one and only long winter trip 2 years ago, I was itching to go on another. Like many summer trips, finding experienced people who were able to go for more than a weekend was a problem. When Dick phoned me up and said they were looking for someone to join their 2 week trip, I was keen to go. We would be attempting the longest unsupported winter traverse of Algonquin Park. Eight people would travel in the traditional manner: moccasins and wood snow shoes pulling toboggans, sleeping in a wood heated canvas prospector style tent. After checking with my better half, I was in!

Before departing on the trip there was some preparation to be done. This was not an outfitted trip and every one was responsible for a few meals as well as their own personal gear (clothes, sleeping bag, matt etc). I was assigned 3 dinners and 2 lunches. One of the hard things to figure out was what to bring to eat! Not having planned any meals for a cold weather trip and not knowing this group of people, I was at a loss. However, a few phone calls helped me sort out what would be appropriate. Let the tale begin…