A collection of photos and travelling adventures.

Awesome Auyuittuq (Akshayuk Pass, Baffin Island , April 2009)

Sweating In The Jungle
(Ecuador, Bataboro Lodge
Jan 2007)

Gorgeous Greenland
(Greenland, Apr 2003)

High Arctic Paddling
(Horton River, N.W.T.
July 2005 )

At the Top of the World
(Hiking Ellesmere Island,
July 1998 )

Winter Traverse
(Alqonquin Park, Ontario, February 2004)

Dangerous River
(Nahanni River, N.W.T.,
July 2000 )

Hooked on the Torngats
(Torngat Mtns, Labrador
August 1997 )

Amongst the Voyagers
(Lake Superior, Ontario
June 1999 )

Hiking Devon Island
(Truelove Lowlands, Nunavut, July 2004)

Torres Del Paine: the Jewel of the Crown
(Patagonia, Jan 2005)

Arctic Adventures: Lake Harbour, Baffin Island
(Nunavut, March 1994)

Search for Torngak’s Lair
(Nachvak – Trout Trap – Komaktorvik, Labrador,
July 2000)

Wadi Rum: Jordan's Desert Crossroad
(Nov 2008)

(Menihek Hills, Labrador
March 2002 )

Gold Fever on the Chilkoot
(Chilkoot Trail, Yukon
Aug 1996 )

Buggiest of them All
(Thelon River, NWT,
July, 2003)

Labrador's Secret Beach
(Wonderstrand, Labrador
Aug 2006)