Four of us booked a 3 week tour of Ecuador with Kempery Tours. I wanted to see the Galapagos, do a bit of  trekking in the Andres and check out the Amazon rain forest. The four day jungle stay was at Bataboro lodge, a remote, simple lodge an 8 hour journey from the town of Coca. Indigenous Indians, the Huaorani (also spelt Huaorani or Waorani plus other variations) are undergoing a rapid cultural transition from hunters to a money based economy. It was a bit disturbing to read about the logging wars which involved tribal feuds, murder and arson within the last 10 years (for an interesting personal account amongst the Huaorani:

My prior jungle experience consisted of a few weeks along the Mayan Rivera – yes those big family oriented all inclusive resorts where ‘jungle’ refers to the décor along side the swim up bar. Not keen on bugs that skitter, bit or swarm, I was somewhat hesitant to go –but heck, only 4 or 5 days, why not? Curiosity won and I signed on the dotted line.

enroute to the lodge – wet but who cares with some many interesting things around