Gorgeous Greenland: April, 2003

Its been a great winter, filled with frosty days and lots of snow. I’m not ready for winter to end!  The idea of Greenland pops into my head after a lot of talk about dogs, dog sledding, Inuit, arctic exploration. It’s an itch I have to scratch…a travel ad catches my eye, cementing my intent. Icebergs, long daylight, mild temperatures, bug free camping, a chance to see the home town of Knud Rasmussen (uber dogsledder and explorer) all so enticing. 

The Greenland tourism website suggests that April is an ideal ‘winter’ travel month with moderate temperatures and longer daylight hours. Located in Disko Bay on the west side of Greenland, Ilulissat will be the start and end point. Plans include four days of dog sledding, a few days of self guided snow shoe trekking, and a few days exploring Greenlandic culture sounds ideal. Some phone calls and emails later, the ball is set in motion. Time to pack the woolies and head 250 km north of the arctic circle!