30 days on the Horton River

Horton Lake to Franklin Bay: July 6 to Aug 4, 2005

Staring at this white computer screen, I’m trying to get inspired to write something meaningful, something interesting or say something that hasn’t been said before about northern river trips. Heck, better you look at the photos with a bit of explanation. Better still, go there before oil and gas and diamond mines (or who ever) have left their ugly stamp on the land. 

One of the motivating forces in setting up this web it so you to can see what a wonderful marvelous and really wild open free country we have in Canada. Not much left like this in the world – sure, go to Alaska but there are trees and mountains. If you like the barrens or ever heard about, wondered casually about what is it really like above tree line, then this is the place for you! Come, visit with me and my friends

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