Hooked on the Torngats: Hiking in Labrador
Nachvak Fiord to Ramah Bay
August 9 to Aug 25, 1997


 I don’t know how or where I first heard about the Torngat Mountains but somewhere, somehow a vague notion planted itself deep inmy subconscious, pulling me towards this extreme northeastern coastline of mainland Canada. I didn’t know anyone who had visited Labrador, didn’t know anyone who lived there. I could find it on a map, and was struck by the lack of roads, the distance between communities, the stacked contours that showed radical elevation changes. I had visited Newfoundland for a few weeks in 1988: it’s rugged beauty might have provided the spark to a slow burning fuse – the wild west coast, the desolate northern peninsula, the great fiord of Western Brook Pond. As well, honing my elementary backpacking skills will build into my long term goal of extending geographic forays where only land based journeys are possible. Plans fell so quickly and easily into place, it must have been Torngaksuak himself who beckoned…

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