Aug 24 (day 16)

This new habit of early rising hard to break. I’m eating a hot cereal breakfast by7:30am, no one is around. Eventually, Mary and David show up. My plane is scheduled to leave Nain early afternoon and it’s the milk run. I want to get on the earlier direct flight but there is turmoil at the airport and no one knows what is going to happen. A load of RCMP are coming in to deal with protesters at Voisey’s Bay – their charter gets landing and take off preference. I try to talk my way on to that plane as its flying back to Goose Bay empty but no luck. Three scheduled and somewhat delayed flights arrive and I get a seat onboard.


Once I’m in the air, the trip is effectively over for me. What an experience! With few expectations before the outset, I was amply rewarded with a lifetime of unique memories and whole new interest in that unique part of Canada. I vow to return.