If You Go

These people were great and provided the shuttle to the put in at Hattie Cove:


Info regarding Pukaskwa National Park:


Maps:For maps we used a small spiral bound notebook called “Exploring the Coast: Hattie Cove to Michipicoten Harbour” by Friends of Pukaskwa (no date). It was the most detailed info we could find regarding coastal campsites, distances, traveling tips. Remember, back in 1999, personal websites, blogs on travel were only in their infancy.

Here are the kms we paddled, based on km estimates from that guide:

  Starting Camp Finish Camp Kms Notes:
Day 1 Hattie Cove Fish Harbour 28 Great weather
Day 2 Fish Harbour White Gravel Beach 25 Good paddling
Day 3 White Gravel Beach North Swallow River 17 Rain, beware the Ramparts
Day 4 N Swallow River Bonamie Cove 38 Rain, cold
Day 5 Bonamie Cove Ganley Harbour 28 Windy, late day paddle
Day 6 Ganley Harbour Tamarack Bay 37 Blue sky, mid day winds, late paddle
Day 7 Tamarack Bay Minnekona Point 24 Hot, blue sky, Calm
Day 8 Minnekona Point Michipicoten River 14 Late start, wind bound AM, wet





I found a reference in an earlier Pukaskwa Park guide that states the distance between Hattie Cove and Michipicoten to be 160 km. The above publication states the distance between Hattie Cove and Michipicoten to be 180 km, thus I don’t know why the discrepancy. But who really cares as you have to paddle according to wind and weather anyhow. As well,  1:50,000 topo maps were helpful for the section where the Park ends - Pukaskwa River to Michipicoten Harbour.