May 27th ( Hamilton to Novar to North Bay)

It’s a Thursday. Ron and I spend the day loading and shuffling gear from Hamilton to Novar (near Huntsville) where we pick up Dave after work. After loading the yellow  sea kayak and old town tripper on his van, the plan is to overnight in North Bay. No one wants to drive Ontario northern highways in the dark spring night: too many moose on the highway!

May 28th (North Bay to Hattie Cove)

It’s an uneventful drive, we stop at the Rainbow truck stop just outside Sudbury for the greasy bacon and eggs breakfast. Dave’s a vegetarian and wisely avoids the congealing scum on our plates. The drive is stunning along Hwy 17, rolling winding hills which track the Lake Superior north shore. Sparkling water shimmers in the distance. I’ve not been this way in summer before and the first views of Lake Superior are a thrill, a glittering expanse of brilliant diamonds of light as far as the eye can see. Batchawanna Bay, Pancake Bay, Superior Provincial Park, Old Woman Bay places I’ve only seen in my imagination and they don’t disappoint in reality. Lunch in Wawa, say ‘hi’ to the big goose then on we push. Finally, we reach the park gates, over the Pic River and in to Hattie Cove…the campground is empty at this time of year, we have our choice. On a whim, I pick # 11…